Welcome to our non-person photo gallery, a universal collection of images from all over the world, uniting all continents into a single ambassador of amazingness/beauty. Feel free to enjoy a moment of relaxation while browsing through these photos.
We thank our contributors for sharing their pictures and creating this photo gallery.

The Story of non person photo gallery

How did we get this idea?

It all started one day when we became aware of the thousands of pictures we had stocked and rarely if ever enjoyed or used for a purpose. Then we turned to friends, then to friends of our friends, everyone wanted to share, later on you wanted to jump in and all this enthusiasm led us here.

Thanks to our friends and contributors we have gathered a large photo collection that we made available for free. Our photo gallery is a constantly growing completely free photo database aiming at sharing with you places and moments that once caught a photographer’s eye and imprinted his soul.

The idea behind this project is sharing. The size doesn’t matter here! We take beautiful pictures, no matter how big or small, and post them in our photo gallery because the primary goal is providing inspiration.
Browse through the photo categories above where we start small and make our way to the top quality pictures as their size increases. We dare you to try more as things get better and in no time you upgrade to a new experience. Go higher as you continue your photographic journey with us.
Let’s assume that you’ve just wrote an article for your blog and you (you’re searching for) need a picture to support the idea behind your story. Or maybe you want a wallpaper to fuel your wildest dreams. Search no more! Browse this photo gallery and let yourself become inspired. And besides that we have free pictures!

But why no persons?

We see and meet people everywhere in our everyday life. And often we tend to ignore the environment, either urban or landscape. Here we make it our focus. We switch perspectives and let ourselves be touched by the spirit of the surroundings, by nature, by colour, birds and animals and… everything but people.

Terms and disclaimer

Remember this is a free photo project and we want to keep it this way as much as we can.
So, while browsing our photos, please pay attention to our terms and conditions, also to our disclaimer.

Enjoy !